Message to Fireflies

Hi Fireflies,

How are you all? Thank you for letting us know what you have been up to on Tapestry – it makes us so happy to see your happy faces too! We have included some photographs to show you what we have been up to.

We hope you are enjoying the activities given to you. I enjoyed listening to Mrs Adams reading ‘Duck in the Truck’ (on Tapestry). What a cheeky duck… leaving the frog, the goat and the sheep stuck in the muck!

Have you been practising your rhyming words? Can you guess the word?

Clue 1: It is an animal with a bushy tail.

Clue 2: It rhymes with box.

We are sure you are all being good for your parents and helping them do little jobs around the house. Try and teach them some of the songs we sing in nursery!

Have a lovely Easter and we will be in touch soon.


Miss Davis, Mrs Adams, Mrs Wyld and Miss Kinsella

Hello from Miss Davis
Miss Kinsella teachng her son Thomas ‘Shake Your Sillies Out’
Miss Kinsella practising her throwing skills.
Miss Kinsella making a helping hand with her son James. He promises to make his bed everyday! How will you help at home?
Mrs Adams is playing hide and seek with her toy duck. She can’t find it! Can you see where it is hiding?
Mrs Adams wants to introduce you to her pet chicken…..Connie! What has Connie laid for Mrs Adams’ breakfast?
Reading ‘The Duck in the truck’: Can you listen carefully for the words that sound the same when you listen to the story?

Message from Mrs Farrant

Hi Fireflies,

It has been lovely to see all of your hard work on Tapestry this week. (If you would like me to share any of your Tapestry pictures on a ‘Celebration of Learning’ blog post please email me or comment on your Tapestry observation to let me know.)

This week I have been doing lots of indoor activities, just like you! My fluffy penguin called Percy has been keeping me company. Here is a picture of me and Percy finishing our puzzle.

I hope that you are all well and are enjoying your home learning activities.

From Mrs Farrant

Home Learning-Easter

This year, Easter falls on Sunday 12th April. Please share the Easter story video with your child.

The Christian Story of Easter

During Easter, many Christians enjoy eating a special food called a ‘hot cross bun’. A hot cross bun is a spiced sweet bun made with currants or raisins, marked with a cross on the top, and traditionally eaten on Good Friday. The eating of hot cross buns marks the end of Lent because they are made with dairy products which are forbidden during this period. Plain buns are traditionally eaten hot or toasted during Lent, beginning on Shrove Tuesday and through to Good Friday.

Can you think of any foods that you may eat on special occasions? Can you cook or bake this with your grown up? 

If you would like to bake a hot cross, you may like to use this recipe.

DT Home Learning Project

          Tasty Toast! 

Be a star cooker!

Whilst you are at home, we would like you to complete a DT project which includes a cooking task (with the help of an adult), playing a matching game and keeping a Breakfast diary for a week to record all the healthy options you enjoy!

You will be cooking ‘Tasty toast’ and exploring different healthy toppings for them. (We are aware that some ingredients may be harder to come by at the moment, so alternatives have been suggested to help you if needed.)

Tasty toast recipe

Tasty toast plan

Along the way, you will also need to use the Get Ready to Cook cards (below) to remind you of the importance of being clean and tidy when you are cooking.

Getting ready to cook cards

You will try different cooking techniques to create your yummy, healthy toast before tasting and discussing your breakfast.

Breakfast Pairs game!

Next, there is a breakfast game to play. Use the cards blow to help you. First cut the cards out and discuss the different types of healthy breakfast. Why is breakfast so important? What is your favourite choice?

Lay the cards on a table face down. Take it in turns to turn over 2 cards and see if they match. If they do you collect those cards; if they don’t, turn them over again and the next person tries to find a match. The winner is the person with the most pairs.

Breakfast pairs Game

Breakfast diary…

Lastly, use the sheet below to record what you have every day for a week. Draw a picture of your breakfast on the sheet for your Home Learning book or draw a table straight into your book. Can you add the name of your foods?

Breakfast Diary

We hope you have lots of fun with this creative learning! It would be great if you could take some photos of your results and send them in to share on the blog.

Picture News

Here is this week’s Picture News…

Picture news is a resource that we use weekly which provides opportunities for children to learn about our world and topics in the current news. Each week, we will post a picture news poster for you to discuss with your child. There are also some suggested home learning activities that you may wish to complete with your child. Please see this week’s poster. Attached are home learning challenges, a recording sheet and British values links.





Multilingual Speakers

Hello all multilingual speakers! We are very sad that school is closed at the moment and are missing you all. While you are at home, make sure you do lots of reading in both your home language and in English. 

If you are looking for ways to continue to improve your English, there are lots of games and activities on the website below:

Also, the following website contains many English Language games that you may enjoy playing with other members of your family:

  ESL Games + –

Wow English TV has some stories and songs which you may enjoy.

Wow English TV

Take care of yourselves and your families. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

 Mrs Maddock                          Mrs Sengupta

EAL Coordinator                      EAL Intervention Lead Teaching Assistant

Enrichment Activities

There are 5 enrichment activities to be completed over the next week.

The enrichment activities develop skills, independence and encourage children to learn by doing.

You could also try the 30 day Lego Challenge –

Please ensure that you are adhering to the government guidelines. Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing.


  1. Take a photograph each day to create a visual diary
  2. Build a den –
  3. Go on a bug hunt in your garden
  4. Draw or paint a picture of a rainbow and display it in your window for others to see
  5. Read the Gruffalo and act out the story. Draw a picture of the Gruffalo –

W/C 30.3.2020 Learning Opportunities

Good morning Fireflies,

I have attached a range of activities for you to try this week. Please let us know what you do – you can share a photo on ‘Tapestry’ or email Mrs Farrant.

Please look at your tapestry accounts- Mrs Adams has posted a video of her reading ‘Shark in the Park’! Let us know if you have any trouble viewing it. She will also read next week’s story ‘Duck in the Truck’ in a few days!

Have a lovely week and keep checking the blog.

From, Miss Kinsella


Duck Stick puppets

People who help us activity

Nursery Week 6- Duck in the Truck

Home Learning-Art Project

The weather is changing! As we move further into Spring you may have noticed it is sunnier, warmer and there are flowers beginning to grow all around us. Your art project is to find and create some of the beautiful plants that are beginning to bud and flower. Can you see any trees growing blossom? Have you seen any daffodils on your walk? If you haven’t been able to get a glance at these things over the past few weeks, why not take a tour of Kew gardens online for some inspiration!

You can even see what happens down at the farm around this time of year, maybe it will inspire your art.

You can show your Spring plant art in any way you like! You may want to sketch, paint or even create a collage of the beautiful plants you have seen.

Here are some ideas…