This week’s learning

The children have thoroughly enjoyed our book of the week ‘One Snowy Night’- a story about Percy the park keeper who keeps the animals warm on a cold Winter’s night. Fireflies  were fantastic at joining in with the repeated refrain: ‘Knock, knock, knock… who’s at the door?’ As the animals kept knocking on Percy’s door, they counted them and found the matching numeral. They have also worked as a team to create a new display of one of their favourite rhymes, ‘Five Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day’. Throughout the week,  their play  has gone in so many different directions for example, selling ice creams outside, making playdough hot chocolates (with cherries on top), making friend’s paper aeroplanes, helping their friend with a flat tyre and rescuing Spiderman.

A few highlights…

One Snowy Night, Percy was asleep in bed…
Duck Craft
Bubble Fun
Working together
Sticks up high and sticks down low…

Home Learning

This week the children named and described a range of woodland creatures that visited Percy’ s house – can they remember the names of them? Can they describe them?

This week the children revisited their favourite rhymes. Can they sing their favourite at home? Can they do the actions? If so, why not let us know via ‘Tapestry’.

Fine Motor Challenge

Coin Game: (2-3 players)

Place around 20 coins on a table. Race to see who can pick up the most.

Messages for parents


Open Classroom: Thursday 5th December 3:30 – 3:45pm

Learning Journeys

We hope you have activated your tapestry accounts and have been able to access your child’s learning journey. Please let us know if you have any problems. We look forward to reading your comments on the Parent’s Voice sheets we sent home.

Fine motor skills are those that help your child strengthen the muscles in their hands. With the development of these skills, a child is able to complete important tasks such as writing, feeding oneself, buttoning and zippering. 

We will be suggesting a fine motor challenge for you to try with your child at home in our Home Learning section every week. They will be simple to set up using a range of household items. Please let us know if you try any of them.

This week’s learning

It has all been about hedgehogs!  The children met Isaac the hedgehog in our story of the week – A Very Helpful Hedgehog. Isaac liked being on his own until one day an apple falls from a tree and sticks onto his spines. He struggles to get the apple off but then makes friends with a donkey. The children made their own hedgehogs using paint and leaves which we have displayed in the outside area. They also learnt facts about hedgehogs for example: they eat worms, slugs, caterpillars and snails and are awake at nighttime. In Maths, they met two of Isaac’s friends, Hectar and Harry and fed them different amounts of bugs, counting them carefully. The children learnt the actions and words to our rhyme of the week, Happy Happy Hedgehog- the words are in the Home Learning section. Finally, in sound groups, they played a listening game: they had to listen to an everyday sound and guess what it was for example, a crisp packet, opening/closing a scissors and bells.

A few highlights…

The Very Helpful Hedgehog
How many snails?
Playdough Hedgehogs
Leaf Hedgehogs
Walking, tip toeing, skipping and hopping…
Looking through our work

Next week’s learning

Book of the week: One Snowy Night

Rhyme Time

 We will be revisiting our favourite rhymes. Our craft will focus on Five Little Ducks.

Sound Groups:

Listening carefully to environmental sounds and guessing what they are.


Counting animals.


 Naming and describing woodland animals.