This week’s learning

Well done to all our new starters this week. It has been lovely to meet and get to know them all.  They are becoming familiar with each other and learning their friends’ names. We have introduced the children to some of our routines for example, ‘Rainbow Time’ (carpet time), ‘Snack Time’ and ‘Tidy Up Time’. They have really enjoyed listening to and joining in with our books of the week: Catch! and I Want My Mum!

The children have been busy exploring their new setting and playing with lots of toys and equipment  in the different areas, for example: the train track, cars and ramp, playdough,  sand and role playing.  We counted together by singing One Little Elephant and are getting very good at doing the actions to the song Shoo Fly.

A few highlights…

Making new friends
Sharing toys
Getting ready for lunch!
Practising cutting skills