This week’s learning

It has all been about hedgehogs!  The children met Isaac the hedgehog in our story of the week – A Very Helpful Hedgehog. Isaac liked being on his own until one day an apple falls from a tree and sticks onto his spines. He struggles to get the apple off but then makes friends with a donkey. The children made their own hedgehogs using paint and leaves which we have displayed in the outside area. They also learnt facts about hedgehogs for example: they eat worms, slugs, caterpillars and snails and are awake at nighttime. In Maths, they met two of Isaac’s friends, Hectar and Harry and fed them different amounts of bugs, counting them carefully. The children learnt the actions and words to our rhyme of the week, Happy Happy Hedgehog- the words are in the Home Learning section. Finally, in sound groups, they played a listening game: they had to listen to an everyday sound and guess what it was for example, a crisp packet, opening/closing a scissors and bells.

A few highlights…

The Very Helpful Hedgehog
How many snails?
Playdough Hedgehogs
Leaf Hedgehogs
Walking, tip toeing, skipping and hopping…
Looking through our work