Health and Wellbeing- preparing for Reception

Please share the following story with your child Please talk through the characters feelings and how the goodbye turned into a happy hello e.g. it was sad that the snowman they had built together melted but it turned into puddles that they could play in together and have fun.

Once the story has finished please explain to your child that although saying goodbye and changes can be difficult and upsetting it can lead to more exciting and happy times.  Discuss that soon they will be moving up into Reception and although they will be saying goodbye to Nursery, they will be moving onto something exciting and they will have a new teacher, a new classroom to explore and will make new friends. Just like the book saying goodbye leads to a hello. Goodbye Nursery, Hello Reception.

Please ask your child to think of something they will be sad to say goodbye to in Nursery and one thing they are excited to say hello to in Reception.