Celebration Time

Fireflies, we are nearly at the end of your journey through Nursery. Although we have not been together for quite a while, we have some lovely memories of our time in Nursery. Can you all close your eyes and think back to when you were in Nursery- what can you remember? What is your favourite memory- there are so many to choose from! Here are ours:

Miss Kinsella: One of my favourite memories is the ‘Singing Show’. I was so proud of you all performing our songs to your grown-ups. ‘Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck‘ was my favourite.

Mrs Adams: One of my favourite memories is when I introduced you all to my pet guinea pigs . You were all so gentle with them.

Mrs Wyld: One of my favourite memories is looking at all your wonderful crafts, particularly the fire breathing dragon paintings and the fire engines.

Miss Davis: One of my favourite memories is playing ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf?’ We had lots of fun running away from ‘the wolf’!

Talk to your grown-up about your favourite memories in Nursery. Maybe you could draw a picture and keep it somewhere really safe. Look back over the blog or through your learning journey on Tapestry.