Blog policy

In accordance with our school policy, our year group blogs will celebrate children’s work and their achievements, but we are mindful of identifying pupils to protect them online.

We will post images of children either in groups or individually, unless the parent/carer of a particular child has asked us not to do so. We will remove any images at the request of a parent/carer.

Any children’s names on the blog will only be their first name. If there are two children in the year group with the same first name, we will include an initial of the surname.

We will not show children swimming or when not fully clothed, but will include PE/games kit.

Blog entries will be written by staff or pupils but will be uploaded by staff. Any posts on the blog will be the responsibility of the Year Group Leader.

The blog is a public blog, but we will not allow comments. We will review this from time to time. If this is changed and we do introduce comments, these will be moderated by the Year Group Leader before being accepted onto the public blog.

All information, resources and images are the copyright of Avenue Primary School, and must not be used for any commercial purposes unless permission has been granted by the head teacher.