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Summer Learning Activities

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Please click on the links to view summer learning activities. Please note that there are a range of activities for you to choose from. Completing any summer learning activities is optional but have been provided if you would like to continue with learning opportunities over the summer break.

Enrichment Activities

There are 5 enrichment activities to be completed over the next week.

The enrichment activities develop skills, independence and encourage children to learn by doing.

Please ensure that you are adhering to the government guidelines. Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing.

1. Bubble wrap sensory stomp painting –

2. Follow Me/Follow the line chalk games –

3. Create a bubble painting –

4. With adult support, make pancakes or crepes – 5. Have a go at a Go Noodle –

w/c 6th July Learning Opportunities

Hello Fireflies,

Please find next week’s learning opportunities attached. 

There are lots of transition activities based on the story The Cautious Caterpillar. 

Mrs Adams is sharing one of her favourite books on Tapestry and join Miss Kinsella for What is in the Sound Box Today? 

Hope you enjoy the activities! 

Nursery Summer 2 – The Cautious Caterpillar


Wish upon a star

Can you find?

stick puppets


Art Project

Sadly, this will be your final art project sent to you during lockdown! I hope you have enjoyed the previous art projects J We have loved seeing your amazing art work that you have shown us on Tapestry. We thought it would be a great idea to give you some freedom! This means, you can choose your own activity!

We have included lots of fun art activities to do at home. You might want to do one of them or ALL of them!

There’s lots to choose from including:

Origami butterflies:


Outdoor art:

Art certificate

Folded Paper Butterfly Activity Instructions

How to Make a Friendship Bracelet Worksheet

Origami Butterfly Activity



w/c 29/6 Learning Opportunities

Hello again Fireflies. Please find attached activities for you to try based on the book ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’. We have also included a couple of activities to help you get ready for Reception.

Remember to listen to Mrs Adams reading the story. This week Miss Kinsella will have her son James helping to blend the words and draw pictures and Mrs Lamb will be finding out what sinks and what floats. Hope you enjoy them and share some of your activities on Tapestry please.

Mr Gumpy blog

Language of the Month

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Hello Everyone !
This week we have a link where you can learn a wide variety of greetings in Japanese…..have a listen to the link below.

Listen to the numbers song and sing along to numbers to 10 in Japanese.

Crane Clipart Free PNG Image|Illustoon

Lastly, here is a traditional Japanese story for you to listen to called ‘The Grateful Crane’.

More English as an Additional Language Activities

A while ago, we added some EAL support ideas to the blog which we hope you found useful.
Below are some additional websites that offer lots of exciting free resources,ideas and home learning packs for EAL children.

We hope you find them useful !
Mrs Maddock and Mrs Sengupta