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This week’s learning

This week we have listened to and retold the story of the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’. The children really enjoyed using and changing their voices to be the different characters.  They have also been very creative at making their own trolls in the craft area.  While listening to the story, the children learnt that goats like to eat grass so we discussed their favourite foods. After that, we carried out a survey to find the most popular fruit in Nursery- strawberries were liked most! To end the week, we planted cress seeds for the goats and talked about what they need to grow. We are looking forward to seeing the results!

A few highlights…

Retelling The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Troll crafts
Favourite snack
Throwing and catching
Playing ‘doctor’s’

This week’s learning

Another great week in Nursery. Santa visited and shared our book of the week ‘Dear Santa’ by Rod Campbell. After that, the children retold the story and were excellent at describing the different presents in the book. One of the gifts was a kite and this inspired many of them to make their own and fly them outside! They have also been busy decorating the Nursery with baubles- they decorated them by mixing paints together and experimenting with making different colours. They found out that red and yellow makes orange, blue and yellow makes green and red and blue makes purple. In sound groups the children were excellent at listening to a sound and matching it to the animal that was making it. To end the week, they matched shapes to outlines and described them using words such as, long, short, straight, curved, pointy and corner. They learnt a new song in Rhyme Time (please see home learning for the words and actions).

Here are a few highlights…

Dear Santa…
What is it?
Flying kites
… and more kites!
Jumping over hurdles…
weaving in and out of cones…

Messages for Parents

Children in Need

Thank you for your support today- the children had a lot of fun and enjoyed sharing their cuddly toys with their friends.

Learning Journeys

We hope you have activated your tapestry accounts and have been able to access your child’s learning journey. Please let us know if you have any problems. Today we sent home a Parents’ Voice sheet- we would really appreciate any comments you have. Thank you.

Autumn Finds

If you are out and about, we would really appreciate it if you could gather some leaves and twigs for the children to use in their craft activities next week. We are also on the look out for bubble wrap and small plastic containers with screw tops or flip lids. Thanks you.


Open Classroom: Thursday 5th December 3:30 – 3:45pm

Get Over £600 Worth Of Free Books For Our School

The Sun has teamed up with HarperCollins to provide primary schools across England, Wales and Northern Ireland a free pack of 106 books, worth more than £600! All we have to do to earn these books is collect tokens printed in The Sun newspaper and The Sun on Sunday from Saturday November 23rd 2019 to Sunday January 18th 2020. To collect the total just 45 people need to collect tokens daily. At a school the size of Avenue, this should be something we can achieve!

Our Reading Champions will be collecting the tokens from classes over the course the challenge so please have them ready in school bags for collection.

Thank you in advance for your support.