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This week’s learning

The story ‘Whatever Next!’ by Jill Murphy was enjoyed by all and the children were fantastic at acting it out using the props.  They worked together to create a giant bear collage, also practising their cutting and gluing skills. In Maths, they gathered food and equipment for bear to have on a picnic, remembering to count one item at a time. Outside they counted  jumps  on the trampoline and experimented with different ways to move their bodies. The children have learned a new way to put on their coats independently using the ‘Coat Trick’- they put their arms through the sleeves and flip it over their heads! To end the week, they were introduced to a song using sticks and they had to tap the sticks in different positions such as: up high, down low, in front and behind. We also had a lot fun making a stage and performing!

Sticks up high…
and sticks down low…
The ‘coat trick’
Fireflies Show