This week’s learning

The children have all settled back into Nursery and have clearly enjoyed seeing their friends again and sharing their holiday news. They have had lots of fun learning the words and actions to Incy Wincy Spider and enjoyed making their own spiders. They learnt that a spider has 8 legs and many of them also have 8 eyes!

Health and Wellbeing

Our theme in Nursery is ‘What makes a good friend?’ The children looked at pictures of children and described what was happening (for example: sharing a book together, playing a ball game, pushing a friend over, not sharing a toy). After that we talked about whether the child in the photo was being a good friend and why. In Nursery we decided to be a good friend you are kind, helpful and share your toys.

Shoes and socks
… and more spiders!
Making friendship bands

Home Learning

This week the children have practised taking off their shoes and socks and then putting them back on again. When putting their socks back on we say: open, in, pull and on goes the shoe! Keep trying at home.                                

Rhyme Time         



We enjoyed singing and doing the actions to Incy Wincy Spider. Can you teach the actions to someone at home? Click on the link below:

Fine Motor Challenge

                           Cotton Bud Painting

Draw a pattern, number or letter on a piece of paper. Then your child can dip a cotton bud in a small pot of paint and follow the pattern. We would love to see your finished work!

Messages for parents

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your lovely gifts, cards and messages. Merry Christmas to you all and have a lovely time with your families.

The children have had a lovely week listening to the Christmas story and making cards for their friends. We had a lot of fun at our party too! We have some very good dancers in Nursery.

Today your child has brought home a Magic Moment sheet. Please fill one in if you feel your child has done something they are very proud of, for example, help tidy up or get dressed by themselves. They can also be used to share an experience they have had which is memorable for them. Every Friday, we share their Magic Moments and encourage the children to stand up and talk about what it says.

A couple of festive photographs:

Home Learning

Lots of you can now put your coats on by yourselves- well done! Why don’t you practise doing up the zip and then you can show us in Nursery!

Rhyme Time

Can you teach someone in your family the actions and words to The Dancing Christmas Tree ? Click on the link below.

Fine Motor Challenge

Pasta Necklaces/ Medals

Try threading some pasta onto some string. To make it more interesting, colour the pasta first using paint or food colouring.